The oil paints

Quality of the paints

It's super important that the paints are high quality artist oils. They flow smoothly but you can create wonderful 'painterly' textures. I decided to use more expensive oils in my kits as they have such different texture to the flat acrylics in normal paint by numbers kits. They are easy to blend too.

range of pinks from light to dark hand painted in oils prepared for a paint by numbers kit


Take a look a the wonderful texture of my artists oil paints. I enjoyed mixing this subtle range of pinks for a lovely photo of a child in a pink ballet dress. It will make a delightful paint by numbers. 
I have about 120 oil paint colours that I mix in batches but often to really get the colours right I mix bespoke shades too. If your kit contains tubes that have an *asterix on the paint code this means that the colour is unique and specially mixed for your photo.

colours mixed in oil paints for paint by numbers of kingfisher


Traditional oil paints names are so evocative. Cerulean blue, vermillion, burnt umber, cobalt and burnt sienna are just some of the wonderfully named paints I used to create the colours for a painting of a Kingfisher. My paints don't fade or discolour over time.