Not just any paint by numbers

I'm so pleased you found my site. I've been making these oil paint by numbers kits for over 15 years now. Each one is carefully prepared by hand, by me. If a photo is not suitable I'll let you know. It's important to choose the very best photo you can for your project. I really believe in my product and every kit that leaves here has to be something that my customers will be delighted with.

This genuinely is not just any paint by numbers.

What is special about Painted by You

My kits are totally unlike any other paint by numbers available. I carefully adjust details to make sure the painting is perfect. I understand how much time and love my customers put into their paintings, and I want every minute to be a pleasure. These painting kits will provide hours of relaxing painting and amazing finished artworks on your wall.

The templates are printed on specialist oil painting paper and supplied flat in a box so there are no folds to flatten. They are a joy to paint on straight on to, no need for gesso, and easy to mount and frame. No areas have blanks. The colour codes fill all the painting areas to make it easier to follow. The oil paints are all are mixed by me, so no colour mixing for you to do. The paints come in tubes rather than pots so will stay usable indefinitely. If you have never used oils before you will be delighted to find they make blending a breeze as they stay wet for longer.

These kits can be very detailed so I supply enlarged sheets to refer to the fiddly bits, and if you still can’t make out an area I'll email an even bigger version.