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Personalised painting kit from your photo

Personalised painting kit from your photo

Type of kit

Create a fabulous oil painting from your photo

You simply supply your favourite photo and I will carefully use it as a base for a wonderful painting. You will be amazed at the results even if you are a total beginner. So enjoyable, relaxing and mindful to paint. These kits are the perfect gift for that 'hard to buy for' person, either unpainted as a lovely project or the finished painting. Everything you need is included, so you can start painting as soon as you open the box.

UK standard delivery is included 

Sepia or black and white kits - £50.00

Full colour single pet portraits - £80

Full colour kits - £100 

My kits are totally different to any others you may have seen advertised. Each one takes time and care to prepare and I only make a maximum of 4 kits a day, so that I can give the right amount of attention to all the details. This includes editing the photo. I use high quality oil paints which have a lovely buttery texture and result in a more professional finish than the cheap acrylics that come with other kits.

What's in a kit?

  • Template printed onto specialist oil painting paper
  • Size 42cm to 60cm by 32cm depending on the photo
  • Between 16 and 40 tubes of high quality oil paints.
  • Two fine brushes
  • Enlarged sheets to help with the fiddly bits!
  • Comes in a large box with a card sheet to lean on - never folded.
  • An emailed super enlarged version on request for any really tiny details
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